Reports & Proposals

  • FI FY 2022-2023 Substance Abuse and Mental Health Block Grant Application
  • FY 2017 Mental Health Block Grant Behavioral Health Report
  • 2010-2011 Coordination of Care/Medical Services Utilization Focused Study Report, March 2012 PDF iconA focused study from Health Services Advisory Group (HSAG), the External Quality Review Organization for MDCH. This study of FY10 Medicaid Health Plan (MHP) and Fee-for Service (FFS) claims/encounter data explores the use of primary health care services by Medicaid consumers who are also served by specialty mental health.
  • Recovery Enhancing Environment (REE) Measure: Michigan Statewide Summary, Final Report Recovery Enhancing Environment Statewide Memo and Final Report
  • CMHSP Sub-element Cost Reports for Section 904

    Each year Michigan's Community Mental Health Agencies (CMHSPs) submit a report on all services and support activities provided to or on behalf of all consumers receiving services from the CMHSP regardless of funding stream (Medicaid, general fund, grant funds, private pay, third party pay, contracts). CMHSPs provide a separate report for each population group - adults with mental illness, children with a serious emotional disturbance and individuals with a developmental disability. These reports are necessary for MDHHS management of CMHSP contracts and reporting to the Legislature. Details ...

  • Michigan's Mission-Based Performance Indicator System

    The Michigan Mission-Based Performance Indicator System was first implemented in fiscal year 1997 and is contractually required of the 10 PIHPs and 46 CMHSPs. Since 1997, the system has undergone changes based on feedback from consumers, families, advocates and mental health professionals. These indicators include measures on timeliness of service in emergent and non-emergent situations, service following discharge from an inpatient facility, services provided to Habilitation Waiver consumers and percentage of readmissions to an inpatient facilities.

  • Fiscal Year 2006 - 2020 External Quality Review Technical Reports for Prepaid Inpatient Health Plans

    A report prepared by Health Services Advisory Group regarding the external quality review (EQR) activities performed on the State's contracted prepaid inpatient health plans (PIHPs). This EQR technical report focuses on the three federally mandated EQR activities that were conducted: Compliance monitoring evaluation, validation of performance measures, and validation of performance improvement projects.

  • Fingertip Report

    Summary Statistics for Michigan's Public Mental Health System including information on Medicaid costs, services to adults and children with mental illness and developmental disabilities, results from the External Quality Review, and Medicaid performance indicators.
    Last updated 11/3/2015

  • Section 404: Community Mental Health Services Programs Reports
    (Due May 31st following year)

    MDCH's response to Section 404 of the Appropriations Act, which is due May 31 of each year. This report provides the required information for each community mental health services program (CMHSP) that includes demographic descriptions of the consumers, diagnoses, financial and service information, information on access, outcomes as reported in the performance indicators report, and community needs assessment analyses.
  • Mental Health Commission Reports