2020 World TB Day Conference

Infographic: Tuberculosis in Michigan (2019)

​2020 World TB Day AwardsThank you for sending us your nominations for the 2020 TB Awards. We received many nominations, all of which are outstanding. In fact, it was so difficult to pick the TB Nursing Award, we decided to award two people this award. We are pleased to announce the following awards:


TB Collaboration Award: MDHHS Bureau of Laboratories TB Unit and Oakland County TB Program

The MDHHS TB laboratory recently helped with interpretation of testing results from an Oakland County resident ultimately uncovering a larger problem. A hospital lab reported a GeneXpert result on the patient as positive for M. tb complex and Rifampin resistant, but due to her many years of TB experience, Laura Frederick questioned the report and sought expertise from the state TB lab. Since the GeneXpert is known to have issues with false Rifampin resistance the lab suggested that another specimen be sent to them for testing and MDDR at the CDC. The lab performed a real time PCR assay twice. It was negative for M. tb complex both times, so they asked the hospital lab for the raw GeneXpert data and realized the results did not make any sense given the patient was smear negative. CDC was consulted and they had reported another issue with a certain lot number of cartridges from another state.  Thank you BOL TB Unit and Oakland County for your quick critical thinking and initiative.


TB Physician Award: Thomas Bender MD PhD, Bay County HD

Dr. Thomas Bender has been the Bay County medical director since November, 2019, and has already made a tremendous effort to eliminate TB by improving access to 3HP. Bay County had been denied prescription coverage for 3HP due to the cost of Priftin, and burden on the county was so great that Dr Bender wrote a compelling letter to the MDHHS Common Formulary Group, and starting April 1, 2020, Rifapentine will be added to the common formulary.  We applaud Dr. Bender for going above and beyond to make treating LTBI easier, not only for Bay County, but for all counties in Michigan.


TB Nursing Award: Cindy Botbyl BSN RN, Ottawa County HD

Cindy overcame countless barriers while managing a recent TB cluster for nearly a year.  The infectious case had slept at the homes of various family members and friends, had contact with law enforcement and the local jail, and visited two hospitals prior to being diagnosed at a third. Cindy was able to work with infection control of all hospitals, the local sheriff and police, community members, and all family and friends involved to ensure high-risk contact identification, screening, testing, and education to prevent further transmission. While the case remained infectious for six months, she was unwaveringly persistent with treatment, organizing housing, groceries, and transportation, and encouragement.  Cindy provided an exemplary demonstration that one case of infectious TB is not just one case by ensuring treatment completion for two child contacts diagnosed with TB disease and many others diagnosed with LTBI, including four children and three individuals also experiencing homelessness.


TB Nursing Award: Mary McCloud RN, Washtenaw County HD

Mary has been a passionate TB education advocate to Washtenaw County Health Department staff, residents who come through the TB Clinic, clients who call with questions about TB screening or TB testing results, local providers, area urgent cares, staff from nursing homes and senior communities, university health services staff, the Infection Control community, and health department staff throughout the state and country. Lately, she has been orienting the entire team of county public health nurses and staff on working in TB, so that they more equipped to serve their clients, especially focusing on early detection and treatment and preventing misdiagnosis. Mary's enthusiastic, kind, caring, and intelligent spirit has made a lasting impact on all the clients and coworkers she has served and continues to make a difference every day.