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Pharmacy Benefits Program/Magellan Medicaid Administration, Inc.  
Pharmacy benefits for fee-for-service programs for Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, MIChild, Maternity Outpatient Medical Services (MOMS), and Children's Special Health Care Services. The D.0 Pharmacy Claims Processing Manual, Michigan Pharmaceuticals Products List (MPPL), Preferred Drug List (PDL), Maximum Allowable Cost (MAC) pricing information, and other information are available on this site.


Ingredient Cost Payment Limits                                                Professional Dispensing Fees  
(claims on and after 4/1/17)                                                      (claims on and after 4/1/17)

Product Cost Payment Limits (claims through 3/31/17)            Drug Dispensing Fees (claims through 3/31/17)


Managed Care Pharmacy Benefit

2016 MDHHS Survey of the Average Cost of Dispensing a Medicaid Prescription in the State of Michigan

List of Chronic Conditions for Medication Therapy Management Benefit Eligibility

Payment Rates for Medication Therapy Management Services​