Sending a Subpoena Requesting Copies of Records

MDHHS will accept a properly formatted and executed Michigan subpoena requesting copies of MDHHS records. It must be properly served at the address below or, preferably, sent as a single pdf attachment to the email address below.

NOTE: A subpoena commanding a MDHHS employee’s appearance for testimony at a deposition or court proceeding, however, must be served upon that employee.

When considering the use of a subpoena, please note the following:

  • Michigan and Federal law have designated many, if not most, MDHHS records confidential and, therefore, not subject to discovery via subpoena without additional supporting documentation. Familiarize yourself with the applicable laws to ensure prompt processing of your subpoena.
  • Michigan court rule MCR 2.305(B) requires that a subpoena requesting copies of MDHHS records must be served on MDHHS at least 14 days prior to the subpoena’s deadline.
  • It is very helpful if you include who the attorney requesting the MDHHS records represents.
Mail Email 

Department of Health and Human Services
Office of Legal Affairs
P. O. Box 30195
Lansing, MI 48909