Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance (MMMS) Program - Data


Quick Facts

  • 80-90 maternal deaths occur each year in Michigan
  • The most common causes of pregnancy-related death are cardiomyopathy and infection/sepsis
  • Nearly 50% of pregnancy-related maternal deaths are preventable
  • The most common cause of pregnancy associated, not related death is accidental drug overdose
  • Disparities in maternal mortality exist by race, age, and education level


Maternal Deaths in Michigan, 2013-2017 Data Update
Maternal Deaths in Michigan, 2012-2016 Data Update
Maternal Deaths in Michigan, 2011-2015
Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance Executive Summary - January 2018
Michigan Maternal Mortality Surveillance (MMMS): 1999-2004 Report

Fact Sheets
Severe Maternal Morbidity (SMM) among Inpatient Delivery Hospitalizations, Michigan, 2019
Pregnancy Associated Death in Michigan, 2013
Medicaid Enrollment among Maternal Mortality Cases, 2008-2011
Lessons Learned from Maternal Mortality Surveillance in Michigan, 1999-2004 
New Methods for Ascertaining Maternal Deaths in Michigan, 1999-2003


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Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System

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Building U.S. Capacity to Review and Prevent Maternal Deaths


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