End of Life Commission

  • Information Resource Guide to End of Life Care This consumer guide provides a variety of resources to help people who have a terminal illness. Some of these resources also provide help to family members, many of whom are primary caregivers who need information and professional support. The focus is on quality of care, improved pain management, maintaining dignity and preserving rights.
  • Michigan Commission on End of Life Care Report to the Governor and other resources

Michigan Circle of Life

  • Michigan's Dignified Death Act PDF iconInformation about your right to make choices about your medical treatments. This includes the right to accept or refuse any treatment that is offered to you. It also covers your right to have someone else make choices for you if you can no longer choose for yourself.
  • Michigan's Do-Not-Resuscitate Procedure Act

    Some people don't want any special efforts made to prolong their life. Many people don't want to be revived after their heart and breathing stop. Under Michigan law, people may choose to sign something called a do-not-resuscitate order. This tells health care professionals not to try to revive them.

  • Hospice Care in Michigan

    Hospice is health care that helps patients whose disease doesn't respond to curative treatment. They may choose palliative care.