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Getting Answers

You will find a lot of information throughout this document. Additional information and resources are available at



Help is the built-in help tool for MORS. Help provides quick answers to common questions. Simply click Help under the Settings menu in the top left corner. This will open a list of Frequently Asked Questions; then, scroll down to Mandated Reporter FAQ.

Help Text

Throughout the complaint, you will find these help icons. Click on a help icon for specific information about how to answer the question.

Help Desk

For assistance related to technical issues, contact the MI Bridges Help Desk at 1-844-799-9876.


MDHHS Centralized Intake

For any additional issues or questions regarding MORS or how to submit a complaint, you may contact the MDHHS Centralized Intake Mandated Reporter Hotline at 616-977-8936.


Additional Tips

The Michigan Online Reporting System (MORS) can be accessed from any device (computer, tablet, phone) with Internet access. Google Chrome is the recommended Internet browser when using MORS. Other browsers can be used to access MORS and submit a complaint, but Google Chrome offers additional features.

Special Characters: Some special characters cannot be typed and/or copied and pasted from a Microsoft Word document into text fields throughout the complaint because of formatting issues. The following special characters are not allowed in the system: { } [ ] | + = * < > ^ ~. In addition, single (‘ ’) and double quotes (“ ”) cannot be copied and pasted into the complaint from a Microsoft Word document unless you are using Google Chrome.


Additional Follow-up

If the complaint was assigned for investigation, you will be contacted by the investigator and receive written notification of the investigation disposition. If the complaint is rejected for field investigation, you will receive notification by letter.

If you need to submit documents that were not attached to your complaint upon submission, please email them to or fax them to 616-977-1154 or 616-977-1158.



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