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National Medical Support Notice (NMSN)

Employers and health insurance plan administrators are required to respond to the National Medical Support Notice (NMSN) sent by the child support program for their employees who are ordered to provide dependent health care coverage. Employers and plan administrators must assure that employee dependents have access to insurance open enrollment and are not denied coverage for any of the following reasons:
  • Parents were never married.
  • Dependent lacks the employee's last name.
  • Dependent is not claimed on the employee's federal income tax return.
  • Dependent does not reside with the employee or in the insurer's service area.

Upon enrollment of the dependent(s), employers must deduct the required health care coverage premiums from the employee's pay and send the deduction to the provider. Employers must also deduct cash medical support as identified on the notice of Income Withholding for Support and send the deduction to the MiSDU with the support withholdings.

Employees may not eliminate coverage of the dependent(s) without written proof that the order is no longer in effect or the dependent will be enrolled in a comparable health insurance plan.

More information on the NMSN can be found in the Michigan Employer Job Aids.