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Fetal Infant Mortality Review Process

FIMR uses a two-tiered system that engages a multi-discipline case review team and a community action team to implement a continuous quality improvement process. The case review team reviews the case summaries from de-identified infant and fetal deaths. Based on these reviews, the team makes recommendations for system change. The community action team, which may have representation from government, health professionals, local public health, and other community leaders acts to implement the recommendations.

The FIMR process is not about assigning blame, but a process which helps to identify system gaps.


FIMR Process: Continuous Quality Improvement, Data Gathering, Case Review, Community Action, Changes in Community Systems

Figure 1 FIMR Process: Continuous Quality Improvement

FIMR Sequence for Case Review and Community Action

Figure 2 FIMR Sequence for Case Review and Community Action