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Health Care Providers

How Providers Can Help Michigan's Children

Thank you for your support of Michigan's Hearing and Vision Screening Programs. In order to maintain funding and demonstrate the efficacy of these programs, it is essential that we receive documentation that confirms medical intervention, diagnosis, and treatment recommendations.

Parents are provided with paperwork to be completed by your office. Paperwork should be faxed to your Local Health Department's Hearing and Vision program with the child's diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

When a child is identified with a hearing or vision problem, your assistance is invaluable in referring them to the appropriate intervention specialists (Early On, Special Education and other professionals) as necessary.


"Hearing and Vision Program,

I am writing to you in your capacity as the Coordinator of the Hearing and Vision Program for Wayne County and in follow up to our telephone conversation of February 26, 2010 regarding my daughter Samantha."

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Michigan’s Hearing and Vision Technicians - Training and Quality Assurance

Local Health Department technicians attend an intensive two week didactic and clinical practicum training which prepares them for all stages of the screening process for preschool and school age children. 

Quality assurance is provided for the approximately 150 Local Health Department threshold technicians through field visits and required biennial skills update workshops. In Local Health Departments, the Hearing Program Consultant also provides quality assurance. 

Local Health Department technicians are comprehensively trained by MDHHS to provide vision screenings for preschool and school-age children through 9th grade. Trainings consist of didactic topics and field screenings with all ages of children. 

Quality assurance is provided for the approximately 185 Local Health Department vision technicians by the MDHHS vision consultants, field visits with MDHHS contracted content expert evaluators, and biennial workshops for the purpose of updating skills and knowledge. 

Resources for Providers:
Vision Screening: An Explanation to Eye Care professionals
Physician Explanation Sheet, DCH-0527
Information for Health Care Providers - brochure PDF

Contact your Local Health Department here:
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