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Newborn Screening Program Epidemiologist

What is Newborn Screening?
Newborn Screening is a public health program required by Michigan law  to find babies with rare but serious disorders who require early treatment. All babies need to be tested in order to find the small number who look healthy but have a rare medical condition. Babies with these conditions seem healthy at birth but can become very sick in a short time. Each year more than 200 Michigan babies, one in every 500 to 600 births, are found to have a disorder detected by newborn screening. 

The Newborn Screening Program is conducted jointly by the Bureau of Epidemiology & Population Health and the Bureau of Laboratories. The program has three main goals: 1) assure that all Michigan infants receive newborn screening; 2) provide follow-up for infants with positive screening tests, ensuring access to treatment; and 3) provide long-term follow-up and monitoring of health outcomes. The program is funded by fees collected from the newborn screening cards. For more information about the Newborn Screening Program, please click here.

Epidemiologist Roles & Responsibilities: 
This position provides support on all epidemiological matters concerning the Newborn Screening (NBS) Program. The responsibilities include evaluation of the screening and follow-up services, epidemiologic study design and planning, statistical analysis, policy and program development, technical expertise and training. The position plays an important role in identifying and then advising on the epidemiological priorities in collaboration with the program staff and medical management coordinating centers, conducting these activities, and fostering active collaboration with other maternal and child health (MCH) programs, as well as other MCH epidemiologists. The position is also responsible for providing support to all federally-funded initiatives and grants related to the NBS Program.


The NBS epidemiologist prepares a comprehensive annual report and bi-annual NBS Follow-up Briefs. The NBS epidemiologist also contributes data and articles to both NBS quarterly reports and newsletters that are distributed to hospital staff.

Follow-up Briefs
Newborn Screening Brief: Sickle Cell Disorders in Michigan - July 2011
Newborn Screening Brief: PKU in Michigan - November 2010 
Newborn Screening Brief: Sickle Cell Disease in Michigan - November 2009 

Annual Reports
Michigan Newborn Screening 2013 Annual Report
Michigan Newborn Screening 2012 Annual Report
Michigan Newborn Screening 2011 Annual Report
Michigan Newborn Screening 2010 Annual Report 
Michigan Newborn Screening 2009 Annual Report 
Michigan Newborn Screening 2008 Annual Report  
Michigan Newborn Screening 2007 Annual Report 
Michigan Newborn Screening 2006 Annual Report 
Newborn Screening Documents, Forms, Reports & Updates 

Recent Presentations:
Characteristics Associated with Failure to Complete the Pneumococcal Vaccine Series among Children with Sickle Cell Disease or Sickle Cell Trait; Kleyn M, Grigorescu V, Potter R, Vranesich P, O'Neill R, Young W, Swanson R.  Poster presentation at the 2011 CSTE Conference, Pittsburgh, PA. June 2011.

Identification of birth defects in Michigan infants with sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait: Michigan NBS and MBDR data, 2004-2006; Reimink B, Kleyn M, Grigorescu V. Oral presentation at the 16th Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference, San Antonio, TX. December 2010.

Perinatal characteristics and healthcare utilization among newborns with sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait, Michigan 2004-2008; Kleyn M, Grigorescu V.  Poster presentation at the 16th Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference, San Antonio, TX. December 2010. 

Hemoglobinopathy as a cause of death: characteristics of a Michigan population, 1970-2004; Kleyn M, Grigorescu V, Korzeniewski S, Young W. Oral presentation at the National Conference on Blood Disorders in Public Health, Atlanta, GA. 2010. 

Improving turnaround time for newborn screening testing: a 2 year experience in Michigan; Kleyn M, Korzeniewski S, Flevaris C, Jenks V, Andruszewski K, Hawkins H, Stanley E, Burns C, Grigorescu V, Cavanagh K. Poster presentation at the Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium, Orlando, FL. 2010. 

Impact of prematurity and neonatal stress measured by Apgar score on analyte concentrations used for Newborn Screening; Korzeniewski S, Kleyn M. Oral presentation at the 15th Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference, Tampa, FL. December 2009. 

Newborn screening and live births records linkage configuration evaluation; Kleyn M, Korzeniewski S. Poster presentation at the 15th Annual Maternal and Child Health Epidemiology Conference, Tampa, FL. December 2009. 

Peer Reviewed Manuscripts: 
Reply: Relationship between Neonatal Screening Results by High-performance Liquid Chromatography and the Number of Alpha-thalassaemia Gene Mutations: Consequences for the Cut-off. Goodness S, Cavanagh K, Young W, Shurney W: On behalf of the Michigan Hemoglobinopathy Quality Improvement Committee. J Med Screen 2012.

Performance Metrics After Changes in Screening Protocol for Congenital Hypothyroidism. Korzeniewski SJ, Grigorescu V, Kleyn M, Young WI, Birbeck GL, Todem D, Romero R, Chaiworapongsa T, Paneth N.  Pediatrics 2012. 

Transient Hypothyroidism at 3-Year Follow-Up among Cases of Congenital Hypothyroidism Detected by Newborn Screening. Korzeniewski SJ, Grigorescu V, Kleyn M, Young WI, Birbeck G, Todem D, Romero R, Paneth N. Journal of Pediatrics 2012.

Michigan BioTrust for Health: Public Support for Using Residual Dried Blood Spot Samples for Health Research.  Duquette D, Langbo C, Bach J, Kleyn M.  Public Health Genomics 2012;15:146-55.

False-positive Newborn Screening Results and Future Health Care Use in a State Medicaid Cohort. Tarini BA, Clark SJ, Pilli S, Dombkowski KJ, Korzeniewski SJ, Gebremariam A, Eisenhandler J, Grigorescu V. Pediatrics 2011;128(4):715-22.

Variation in immunoreactive trypsinogen concentrations among Michigan newborns and implications for cystic fibrosis newborn screening. Korzeniewski SJ, Young WI, Hawkins HC, Cavanagh K, Nasr SZ, Langbo C, Teneyck KR, Grosse SD, Kleyn M, Grigorescu V. . Pediatr Pulmonol 2010 Sep 16.

Predictors of insufficient sweat production during confirmatory testing for cystic fibrosis. Kleyn M, Korzeniewski S, Grigorescu V, Young W, Homnick D, Goldstein-Filbrun A, Schuen J, Nasr S. Pediatr Pulmonol 2010 Sep 1.

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Methodological innovations in data gathering: newborn screening linkage with live birth records: Michigan, 1/2007-3/2008. Korzeniewski S, Grigorescu V, Copeland G. Matern Child Health J 2010 May;13(3):360-4.

Contact Info:
Epidemiologist: Isabel Hurden, MPH


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