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Being Trauma Informed & Responsive Presentation

Power point presentation targeted to educators including a toolkit and handouts.

Helping Traumatized Children Learn & Creating and Advocating for Trauma-Sensitive Schools

Trauma and Learning Policy Initiative describes the impact of trauma on learning and proposes a policy agenda and a guide for creating trauma-sensitive schools.

Midwest PBiS Network Trauma

A two-day training package that builds participants fluency in defining trauma, describing how trauma may look in the classroom, discussing how trauma can effect student development and impact learning, and how to assess current school-wide and classroom systems with trauma informed lens.

Trauma Training for Educators

Communities in Schools - Central Texas offers free training resource designed to give anyone who works with children important trauma-focused information about how student learning and behavior is impacted by trauma and how educators and support staff can help students develop a greater sense of safety at school and begin to build new emotional regulation skills.

Resources for School Personnel

National Child Traumatic Stress Network toolkit for educators, information about responding to school-wide crises, psychological first aid, bullying, and other resources. The NCTSN site has additional materials for educators in their products list. Search by audience and select "for educators".

Trauma-Sensitive Schools Training Package

The Trauma-Sensitive Schools Training Package offers school and district administrators and staff a framework and roadmap for adopting a trauma-sensitive approach school or districtwide.

Treatment and Services Adaptation Center

Resiliency, Hope and Wellness in Schools - promoting trauma-informed school systems that provide prevention and early intervention strategies to create supportive and nurturing school environments.

Everyday Magic: 16 Ways Adults Can Support Children Exposed to Violence and Trauma Futures Without Violence

Policy paper that offers recommendations for advocates, educators and health care providers to improve their response to children who have experienced violence or trauma

Michigan Model for Health

The Michigan Model for Health™ is a comprehensive, skills-based health education curriculum that shares your goal of helping young people live happier and healthier lives. The model addresses the major youth health risk behaviors at every grade level, with age-appropriate instructional activities.

U of M Depression Center - Trails to Wellness

The TRAILS program provides instruction to school professionals in evidence-based mental health care approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, or CBT and then links community mental health providers with their local schools to provide follow-up coaching.