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Foster Care Payment Resources

Other financial resources are available for licensed foster care providers to help with providing for the child:

1.      For children initially placed in foster care, there is an initial clothing allowance.  This allowance is a supplement only and is based on determined need.

2.      Children in foster homes receive a semi-annual seasonal clothing allowance in March and December.

3.      A holiday allowance is provided each December for each child in out-of-home care.

4.      Day care payments may be available if eligibility criteria are met.

5.      Payment for counseling/therapy for the foster child requiring these services is available.

6.      Graduation expenses such as class rings, senior pictures, graduation announcements and prom attire are reimbursed to the foster care providers.  There is a reimbursement limit to each of these expenses.

7.      Additional payments may be made for other special needs or services such as tutoring, assisted care, enrichment expenses, depending on the individual needs of child or other resources available.

Additionally, for relatives caring for state wards (when parental rights have been terminated), many of the payment resources above are available.

For current Foster Care rates, see the Policy and Procedures manuals.