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Sarah and Boys Photo

Sarah began her fostering journey by opening her home to a teen in her community who needed a place to live. She welcomed another teenage boy a couple years later through the foster care system. Ten years later, she continues this journey and has cared for 25 teen boys.

As a foster mom to teen boys, you may wonder what Sarah’s home is like. She jokingly compares it to a PG frat house - it is stinky, it is loud, but it is a place filled with laughter and stability for all who live there. 

Flexibility and adaptability are a must. Sarah chooses to make her supper table open. The boys can come and serve themselves as they please and sit at the dinner table on their own schedule. Even in doing so, no one ever eats alone - Sarah or one of the older boys often join as company and a friendly ear. 
Being a mom to teenage boys is no easy task. They can say hurtful things – Sarah often combats these outbursts with humor and compassion. She knows the boys in her care may have additional behavioral and emotional needs or they may just be acting like a normal angsty teen. She advises not to take things to heart. Sarah does not discipline her boys by taking away activities. She feels that they need social outlets. By going to the zoo or a roller rink, the boys learn how to interact and have shared experiences with their peers.

Fostering looks different for everyone, but having thick skin, a sense of humor, and the ability to go with the flow have helped Sarah during her journey. After ten years of fostering, she is very thankful for her network of foster families and stresses the need to connect with someone that has personal experience fostering. 

We invite and encourage you to connect with a Navigator as the first step in developing your support network or getting involved.