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Foster Care Psychotropic Medication Oversight Unit (FC-PMOU)

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About Us

The Foster Care Psychotropic Medication Oversight Unit is an ongoing partnership between the Children’s Services Administration Child Welfare Medical and Behavioral Health Division, the Behavioral and Physical Health and Aging Services Administration Pharmacy Management Division and Office of Medical Affairs and the Bureau of Children’s Coordinated Health, Policy, and Supports.


1-844-764-PMOU (7668)



Our team is committed to supporting the highest quality mental health care for children served by Michigan’s child welfare system through ensuring informed consent for psychotropic medications, offering resources to all partners, and providing oversight of psychotropic medication use.



We provide oversight and resources to support quality mental health care and psychotropic medication use through the following:

  • Providing resources and technical assistance to child welfare professionals from Michigan Department of Health and Human Services local offices and partner agencies
  • Participating in training provided by Child Welfare Medical and Behavioral Health Division
  • Monitoring psychotropic medication prescription claims to track medication use trends
  • Monitoring and supporting informed consent for psychotropic medications according to Department and Administration policy
  • Providing feedback to physicians engaged in psychiatric evaluation and management services with children in foster care that focuses on quality indicators including:
    • Multiple medications use
    • Duplicate medication use
    • Mediation dosing
    • Medication use in very young children


Frequently Asked Questions 

FC-PMOU FAQ Compilation - February 2024

Health/Mental Health providers – How do I engage birth parents?

How do I engage the correct consenting party?

How do I find my Health Liaison Officer (HLO)?

How do I find out what a child’s legal status is in child welfare?


Forms and Documents

Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care (Policy FOM 802-1)

Witnessed Verbal Consent: Health Care Provider Guide

Psychotropic Medication Informed Consent (DHS-1643) 

Informed Consent (DHS-1643) Requirement Flowchart

Witnessed Verbal Consent Flowchart