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Foster Care Psychotropic Medication Oversight Unit (FC-PMOU)

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About Us

The Foster Care Psychotropic Medication Oversight Unit is an ongoing partnership between the Children's Services Agency Child Welfare Medical Unit, Mental Health Services to Children and Families and Juvenile Justice Programs, and the Medical Services Administration Pharmacy Management Division and Office of Medical Affairs.


1-844-764-PMOU (7668)



Our team is committed to ensuring the highest quality mental health care for the approximately 13,000 children and their families served by the foster care system.



We provide psychotropic medication oversight resources and outreach/training to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services personnel and contractual providers who are engaged in facilitating the mental health care of foster children. We also monitor psychotropic prescription claim trends, informed consent documentation and policy compliance. We provide feedback to prescribing physicians and other team members based on the physician reviews and prescription quality indicators. Physician reviews focus on quality indicators including prescribing multiple medications and/or duplicate therapeutic regimens, medication dosing outside of typical guidelines, and use of medications in very young children.



Psychotropic Medication in Foster Care (Policy FOM 802-1)

Witnessed Verbal Consent: Health Care Provider Guide

Psychotropic Medication Informed Consent (DHS-1643)