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Protecting Public Assistance

The Office of Inspector General (OIG) is a criminal justice agency within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, created in 1972. OIG assists in maintaining integrity and accountability in the administration of its programs. OIG Agents and their supervisor are strategically located throughout the State of Michigan. The OIG provides investigation and advisory services to ensure appropriate and efficient use of available public resources.

The OIG is responsible for investigating instances of alleged welfare fraud in all programs administered by the department, as well as reviewing administrative policies and procedures and recommend ways of improving accountability, fraud deterrence and detection. For example, OIG investigates alleged fraud in the Family Independence Program (FIP), the Food Assistance Program (FAP), the Child Development and Care program (CDC) and the Medical Assistance program (MA). This includes investigations of non-Medicaid vendor fraud as well as department employees alleged to be involved in program fraud. All investigations found to contain the elements of fraud are forwarded to the appropriate authority for criminal disposition or are sent to the appropriate area within the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services for administrative action.


Legal Statute