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Understanding Welfare Fraud

The MDHHS Office Inspector General's (OIG) mission is to prevent, detect and investigate fraud, waste and abuse of MDHHS program funds and recover taxpayer dollars. OIG agents investigate allegations of fraud related to the Food, Medicaid, Cash and Child Care assistance programs.

In general, fraud is defined as providing false or misleading statements; intentionally giving incomplete or inaccurate information; or withholding or misrepresenting facts to receive, maintain or increase program benefits or eligibility.

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Examples of Welfare Fraud:

  • Providing false or untrue information to receive MDHHS assistance benefits.
  • Not reporting income.
  • Hiding assets (bank accounts, property, etc.).
  • Not reporting mandatory group members that also reside in the home.
  • Trading or selling your food benefits or Bridge Card.
  • Purchasing beverage(s) that require a bottle deposit, dumping/discarding beverage(s) and then returning the container(s) to obtain the cash deposit refund.
  • Accepting food benefits/Bridge Card for unauthorized items (retailers only).
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