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CAC Member List

CSHCS Advisory Committee Members

Krista Assman
Family Representative (2026)

Dr. Donald Beam
Blue Cross Complete (2025)

Jennifer Burt
Family Representative (2026)

Becky Cienki
Family Representative (2024)

AbebaMali Cunningham
Family Representative (2026)

Stacy Drake
Family Representative (2024)

Crystal Hepburn, BSN, RN, CCM
Detroit Health Department (2024)

Colin Jenkins
Family Representative (2024)

Jackie Darrough
Family Representative (2024)

Anna Monaghan
Family Representative (2026)

Samya Nasr, M.D.
University of Michigan Health System
CFF Representative (2026)

Dorothea Nicholson
Family Representative (2026)

Jane Nickert
Michigan Association for Local Public Health
Nurse Administrators Forum (2025)

Sarah Palacios
Family Representative (2026)

Ken Pituch, M.D.
University of Michigan Department of Pediatrics and the Hospice of Michigan (2025)

Mary Jo Pletzke
Family Representative (2025)

Zack Ryan
Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan (2026)

Kristen Reese
Family to Family Health Information Center
Family Representative (2025)

Brianna Romines
Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan (2025)

Dom Sanfilippo, M.D.
Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital (2024)

Jackie Smith
Children’s Hospital of Michigan (2025)

Tiffany Stone
Michigan Association of Health Plans (2025)

Jane Turner, M.D.
Michigan State University
Pediatrics and Human Development (2024)

Wanda Whitten-Shurney, M.D.
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America
Michigan Chapter (2024)

Edward Woods
Mid-State Health Network (2026)

Amy Zaagman
Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health (2025)

Ex-Officio Members

Tim Conroy M.D.

MDHHS/Office of Medical Affairs

Dana Billings
MDE/Office of Special Education

Patty Neitman
MDHHS/Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities Administration
Federal Compliance Division

Brad Barron
MDHHS/ Managed Care Plan Division

Janet Timbs

Updated: October 2023