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CSHCS INFO #13-2020 - 3/24/2020 TA Tuesday: MIEncrypt External User Training

Tue 3/31/2020 9:45 AM

Thank you to those of you who were able to join the 3/24/2020 TA Tuesday which featured external training for those accessing MIEncrypt emails from the State. 

Unfortunately, only part of the session was recorded. That section is available on the LHD SharePoint or can be found here:

Fortunately, our speaker’s presentation is very comprehensive. That presentation is attached and will walk you through step by step how to process these emails. 

Just to reiterate - MIEncrypt does not replace anything that is currently processed through DMP. 


Thank you!

Terra Depew


Terra Depew

Transition Specialist

Children’s Special Health Care Services Division

Medical Services Administration

Bureau of Medicaid Care Management and Quality Assurance

Michigan Department of Health and Human services

Lewis Cass Building 6th Floor