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Guidance Manual

Guidance Manual August 2024 edition

    Appendix A:
          CSHCS State of Michigan "Who to Call" list  
    Appendix B:
          Medicaid Provider Manual Directory Appendix  scroll down through table of contents to find the directory appendix
    Appendix C:
          LHD "Contacts at a Glance" List of CSHCS staff

NOTE: If you have had any change in staff or contact information please email that information to

    Appendix D:
          CSHCS and MDHHS Forms
    Appendix E:
          Diagnostic Codes
    Appendix F:
          CSHCS Acronym List
    Appendix G:
          Medicaid Provider Manual Navigation Instructions
    Appendix H:
          Record Retention and Disposal Schedule
    Appendix I:
          CSHCS Medical Diagnosis and Possible Related Specialties
   Appendix J:
          LHD Procedures What to Do If
   Appendix K: Sample Plan of Care
          Plan of Care template       
   Appendix L:
          CSHCS Consultant Reason Codes
    Appendix M:
          Family Rights and Responsibilities
    Appendix N:
          Minimum Program Requirements
    Appendix O:
          Medicaid Health Plan Carve-Out Information