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Transition to Adulthood


As youth get older they must prepare for the transition to adult life. Transitioning to adult life means planning for future needs including health care, employment, education, and independent living. As youth approach adulthood the transition planning process should provide them with tools and resources to increase their ability to lead productive adult lives.

Health Care: Youth with special health care needs will need to make the transition from pediatric care to adult care. Health Care planning should also include learning independent health care skills, finding adult health care providers, and getting proper health care coverage.

Education and Employment: Youth with special health care needs often need additional support in pursuing vocational training, college, or employment.  This support aims to help youth successfully achieve educational and career goals.

Independence: As youth with special health care needs transition from adolescence to adult life they will need to have the appropriate skills for independent living. This includes skills such as, managing a savings/checking account, paying bills, cleaning a home, making meals, and being active in their community.


Transition Tools for Youth, their Families, and Health Care Professionals

Transition Planning: A Guidebook for Young Adults and Family

This guidebook is a great tool to begin planning for the transition to adulthood.  The guidebook will help introduce you to transition planning concepts and help you stay organized. 

Phase 1 Transition Readiness Assessment and Transition Plan

This tool helps you assess and plan for building fundamental health management skills. Use this tool if you are new to the transition planning process, and want a quick way to get started.

Phase 2 Transition Readiness Assessment and Transition Plan

This tool builds upon the skills developed in the Phase 1 Transition Assessment and Plan. Use this tool if you've completed the Phase 1 Assessment, and are ready to take the next steps toward independence.

Comprehensive Transition Readiness Assessment and Transition Plan 

This comprehensive assessment and transition plan can be used instead of completing the Phase 1 and Phase 2 Assessments and Plans. Use this tool if you would like a more in-depth assessment and plan.

Preparing for College with CSHCS

If you have special health care needs and are planning on going away to college, you might have some extra planning to do. This document can help identify extra steps you can take to make sure you have access to health care coverage when you go to school.  


Links to other valuable resources: 

Got Transition - A national resource center for youth transitioning to adulthood

Michigan Alliance for Families - Information, support, and education for families who have children in special education.
Social Security Administration
Michigan Developmental Disabilities Council
Michigan Rehabilitative Services - Information about supported employment and other services

For questions or help, call the Family Phone Line at 1-800-359-3722 or contact your Local Health Department.

Tools, Resources, and Guidance for Local Health Departments

CSHCS Transition Checklist for Local Health Departments

Sample Transition Policy for Local Health Departments

Six Core Elements of Transition - Quick Guide for Local Health Departments

Tools, Resources, and Guidance for Medicaid Health Plans

The following tools were gathered for Medicaid Health Plans to help their client's transition from adolescent to adult healthcare.

Six Core Elements of Transition 2.0

Sample Policy Template

Validated Transition Readiness Assessment Tools:

Last Revised June 7th, 2017