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Michigan Medicaid State Plan

In accordance with Federal regulations at 42 CFR 430.10, the State Plan is a comprehensive written statement describing the nature and scope of the Michigan Medicaid program giving assurance that it will be administered in conformity with the specific requirements of Title XIX, all applicable Federal Regulations and other officials issuances regarding Medicaid as published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Michigan Medicaid State Plan is an agreement between the state and federal government that identifies the general health care services, reimbursement, and eligibility policies in effect under Michigan Medicaid. It is the basis for the federal government (CMS/HHS) to pay its federal financial participation (FFP) for the program's operation. The plan is written on a more general level than contained in program policy.


Michigan State Plan


Pending amendments or those which have been approved and posted since this Plan was last updated may be found at: MDCH Budget and Finance