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Cash Value Benefit (CVB) Increase

From May through August 2021, women and children age 1 and over will have their monthly fruit & veggies benefit increased to $35! This benefit can be used at the grocery store only, for fresh, frozen or canned WIC-approved vegetables and fruits.


Check out these resources below to help use your benefits!

Looking for Recipes?

Check out Health eKitchen.  Use your wichealth login and choose from 1000s of recipes!

Search Dr. Yum by "WIC Food Package" for your new favorite veggie recipe!

Find Michigan grown fruits and veggie recipes at Harvest of the Month or Michigan Fresh.

Need to brush up on kitchen skills to help use these benefits?

See these MSUE handouts on:

MSUE's Michigan Fresh website is FULL of information about how to preserve food, taking your child to the store or market, recipes highlighting a specific fruit or vegetable and much more!

Check out their free online courses on different methods of food preservation.

The American Heart Association offers a Grocery Guide in English and  Español which contains tips for budgeting, planning menus, and shopping wisely, including fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does this benefit provide?

This benefit provides $35 each month for four months (May - August) for children and women to spend on fruit and vegetables in a grocery store. Each eligible family member will receive this benefit, so it may be a lot!

Example: a WIC family with a pregnant woman and 2 children will receive $105 in CVB for each month.

Why only four (4) months?

This benefit is only offered for four months as part of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. Learn more here.

Does this benefit roll over?

Just like other WIC benefits, your benefits will NOT roll over to the next month.

Where can you use this benefit?

This benefit can only be used at participating WIC grocery stores, NOT farmers markets.

What can you get with this benefit?

You can get allowed fresh, frozen, or canned fruits and vegetables.  Refer to the Michigan WIC Food Guide for options.