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The Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System (PedNSS) is a public health surveillance system that describes the nutritional status of low-income infants and children enrolled in federally funded maternal and child health and nutrition programs. In Michigan PedNSS, data is collected solely from WIC clients. Self-reported demographic, behavioral, and health information is collected at the local WIC agency and verified by a nurse, registered dietitian, nutritionist, or other health professional. Anthropomorphic measurements (height, weight, and birthweight), clinical nutritional indicators status (i.e. hematology measurements), and breastfeeding practices are also collected. Data is aggregated at the state level and submitted to the MI-PNSS & PedNSS System for analysis.


Below, you will find the last six years of available PedNSS reports.

2022 PedNSS State 2021 PedNSS State 2020 PedNSS State
2022 PedNSS LA
2021 PedNSS LA 2020 PedNSS LA
2022 PedNSS County 2021 PedNSS County 2020 PedNSS County
2022 PedNSS Clinic 2021 PedNSS Clinic 2020 PedNSS Clinic


2019 PedNSS State

2018 PedNSS State

2017 PedNSS State

2019 PedNSS LA

2018 PedNSS LA

2017 PedNSS LA

2019 PedNSS County

2018 PedNSS County

2017 PedNSS County

2019 PedNSS Clinic

2018 PedNSS Clinic

2017 PedNSS Clinic


PedNSS Archive 2011-2016