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WIC EBT Transition Information

Due to unforeseen circumstances experienced during the EBT transition, the State of Michigan is delaying the EBT transition to FIS/CDP until the errors can be resolved. The EPPIC/Conduent system has been reactivated, and clients should be able to redeem benefits.

For operations to continue with Conduent until further notice, we request the following from you:

Please note, DO NOT issue the new red FIS/CDP cards until the transition has been completed successfully. Clinics should continue to issue the existing Bridge cards from Conduent.

We ask that you do not order more WIC EBT Bridge cards from Conduent. If you are running low on card inventory for the Bridge cards, please contact

At this time, please do not mail back any cards to the State until further instruction is received.

If you did mark your WIC EBT Bridge Card Inventory as "Closed" in MI-WIC, you will need to update the status back to "Active" prior to being able to issue cards to clients.

Benefits issued to clients will continue to be processed by Conduent/EPPIC until the transition is complete. Please be sure to continue to check EPPIC for any benefit related concerns. 

The EBT transition will be rescheduled to a date in the near future once the errors have been resolved. Once we receive confirmation of the rescheduled date, we will send additional communication to clinics and clients.