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Breastfeeding Peer Counseling

How to be a Peer Counselor (PC)

Trainings and Education Opportunities

Breastfeeding Basics: A two-day training offered several times throughout each year in several different locations.  Peer Counselors are required to attend this training at the first availability after hire unless special circumstances cause them to seek permission by the State to delay.  Prior to providing services to clients a new PC needs to complete orientation with the Regional Lactation Consultant or have attended Breastfeeding Basics and shadow a Senior PC or an established PC for a minimum of one day. Register at MPHI website.

Checklist for Orientation with Regional Lactation Consultant This checklist will be used as a syllabus by the Regional Lactation Consultant when orienting new peer counselors. 

Four Annual Required Trainings 

  • Michigan WIC Training & Educational Conference: A two-day conference traditionally held in Grand Rapids or Traverse City, in April or May.   It is for all WIC employees and offers many opportunities for breastfeeding education. Register at MPHI website.
  • Statewide Breastfeeding Peer Update: A one-day conference held in a different area each year, usually in August or September.  It is for all Peer Counselors as well as Peer Managers, Breastfeeding Coordinators, etc. Register at MPHI website.
  • Regional Peer Counselor Training: A one-day training and networking opportunity for Peer Counselors only, facilitated by the Regional Lactation Consultants.  Each Lactation Consultant offers the same training content in their region on different days. If the training in your region is not convenient for you, you are welcome to join any of the other trainings.  This training normally occurs in October or November.  Look in the most current version of Breastfeeding Connections for information or ask your manager.
  • Breastfeeding Education Webinar: A training held in the winter and may be a webinar sponsored by the Michigan Breastfeeding Network, developed by the State Lactation Consultants, or any variety of other places.  Watch for the assigned webinar in Breastfeeding Connections, or ask your manager.

Senior Peer Training: This training provides experienced peer counselors continuing education to help them better serve their clients and continue their breastfeeding education.  This course must be approved by the WIC Coordinator and fit into the staffing requirements of your local agency. Register at MPHI website.


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