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WIC Statewide Initiative

The Michigan WIC Statewide Initiative is focused on helping community partners surround new and expectant families with the support they need to reach their breastfeeding goals. This effort has spanned several years, with each phase building on the previous year's work. Below is a brief description of the work that has been done, as well as links to learn more.

  • : The first year, in partnership with Coffective, Michigan WIC, and the Michigan Breastfeeding Network (MIBFN), aimed to increase referrals to WIC by educating hospitals about WIC services and engaging local breastfeeding coalitions to promote WIC. This phase also sought to align WIC's prenatal education with maternity care practices offered at hospitals. Based on strong interest shown through hospital leadership and staff surveys, Michigan WIC also provided hospitals with resources that could help improve WIC referrals, educate staff and establish consistent breastfeeding messaging across community partners. 2016 (OA1)Executive Summary 2016
  • : Based on hospitals' interests indicated during the first phase, the second year focused on engaging prenatal clinics. Insights from prenatal clinic leadership and staff about what mothers should be better prepared for upon entering the birthing center were shared with WIC staff in order to improve WIC's prenatal education. In partnership with Coffective, Michigan WIC, and MIBFN, staff training and tools -- used by many Michigan hospitals and WIC agencies -- were offered to prenatal clinics, with the goal of using consistent messaging when working with families. Referral resources were also provided to prenatal clinics help ensure families are accessing WIC's support services earlier in pregnancy and after hospital discharge. Executive Summary 20172017 (OA2)
  • : During the third year, in partnership with Coffective and Michigan WIC, a customized coaching program was offered to WIC agencies and hospitals with the primary goal of building relationships and improving coordination between them. The series of coaching calls were also used to support WIC and hospitals in the implementation of training and tools distributed in previous years. 2018 (OA3)MIBFN developed and published their Maternity Care Campaign , including policy recommendations and outreach tools for both the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and Michigan WIC program in 5 languages for use by community partners.Executive Summary 2018
  • 2019 (OA4): The latest phase of the initiative is focusing on enhancing coordination of community partners using a state- and local-level approach. At the state-level, partners are working to improve coordination of maternal and child health programs. At the local-level, partners are being provided access to an online "Community Match" platform, which helps them find and learn about other community partners in their area, as well as access resources and ideas for working together. Coaching is also being provided for coordination support. [Executive Summary coming soon]