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WIC Vendor Promotional Materials

Welcome to Michigan WIC's public resource page for promotional and informational materials that can be used in retail spaces. 

To submit a request for additional in-store materials (WIC door signs, shelf labels, Food Guides, etc.), please fill out an online request form by clicking the link below.

Michigan WIC Vendor Supply Request Form


Materials provided by the Michigan WIC program


WIC Shelf Labels

WIC shelf labels are an easy way to mark WIC-approved food items in your store. The colorful labels are meant to add the WIC Michigan logo to price tags and are easily recognizable. WIC labels have been shown to improve the customer shopping experience. Just stick these labels to price tags for WIC foods to make shopping for WIC easier for your customers.


WIC Cardstock Shelf Labels

WIC also provides cardstock shelf labels that are 1" tall x 4" wide and designed to fit on standard shelfing. These can be written on to include the product name, price, and/or other information. 


WIC Connect Mobile App Window Clings

This window cling advertises the WIC Connect Mobile application. The app allows WIC participants to check their remaining WIC balance and scan item barcodes using their phone's camera to see if an item is eligible for WIC purchase before they get to the register.

Michigan WIC created a test account for Vendors to use the same UPC scan feature available to clients, instructions below:

Instructions for Starting a WIC Connect Mobile App Test Account

The cling sticks easily to hard surfaces, like glass windows and countertops. We recommend you post it near the register or checkout lane to inform participants of the app's features and steps for download.


"Let WIC give you peace of mind" Eligibility Tear Pads

These tear pads can be kept at your register and help desk to give information about participant eligibility and how to apply for WIC benefits. Promoting WIC at your store can develop a larger customer base and increase customer loyalty. 


WIC Door Signs

These adhesive signs may be placed on doors and windows to show the public that you are an authorized WIC Vendor. Remember, displaying that your store is WIC-authorized is a contractual requirement. 


WIC Pharmacy Door Signs

These adhesive signs may be placed on doors and windows to distinguish a pharmacy that only accepts WIC as a tender for formula or nutritionals. benefits.


WIC Floor Signs

This large, adhesive-back sign is meant to be placed on the floor to direct WIC customers to the WIC foods in your store. It is especially useful for showcasing a store's WIC-dedicated shelves or aisles.


WIC Register Quick Reference Guide

This handy laminated booklet can be kept at your register to assist cashiers with learning and referencing the basic requirements of doing WIC at the register.


WIC Pharmacy Register Quick Reference Guide

This handy laminated booklet is designed to assist pharmacy technicians and retail cashiers with learning and referencing the basic requirements of doing WIC, with a particular focus on how to successfully provide WIC approved formulas and avoid common issues at pharmacies.


Materials available for self-print only (please contact us for guidance)



WIC Storefront Banner

This large sign can be printed in any size. We recommend 4ft by 8ft for outdoor use and 3ft by 6ft for indoor use.


Arabic Language Informational Signage

As a participant in our state's Vendor Advisory Council, Dearborn Fresh Supermarket designed and shared original signs they use in their store to help customers understand their WIC benefits and shop with more certainty and confidence. Michigan WIC recommends using similar signs in your store, especially if you have customers with English as their non-primary language.


 WIC Division, Vendor Relations Contact Information