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Mission, Vision & Values


The Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission, established by Governor Snyder’s Executive Order 2017-2, will work collaboratively with all levels of government and stakeholders throughout the state to eliminate lead exposure for Michigan’s children.


The Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission envisions a state free of lead exposure by 2030 to benefit the health of Michigan’s children. To achieve this vision, the Commission believes a focus on primary prevention is essential in eliminating all sources of lead exposure.


The Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission believes in eliminating lead in air, soil, water, products, and homes by using health equity as a lens and leveraging policy, partnerships, programs, and public engagement in a targeted way that accounts for the inequitable burden of lead exposure among individuals and communities.

  • Primary Prevention: Identify and eliminate lead hazards before they impact children.

  • Equity: Utilize targeted, culturally sound approaches that recognize significant social and socioeconomic disparities.

    Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilize evidence, data, research, and the best practices in the decision-making process.

  • Engagement:  Recognize that lead exposure is a shared problem requiring varied and collaborative solutions that can be created by engaging a wide diversity of partnerships with communities and families directly impacted by lead exposure.


Responsibilities of the Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission are outlined in Executive Order 2017-2.