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City of Detroit Health Department - Lead Education and Prevention Service for Pregnant Women

October 2019

Partnership engagement

  • WCHAP meeting with Medicaid Health Plans

Activities - include successes & barriers


  • Engagement with Medicaid Health Plans


  • Revising budget to include shifting additional contractual work to WCHAP.
  • Unable to implement work until amendment is approved and RN is hired.


  • Awaiting approval for budget amendment.


  • No updates.


August 2019


November 2018

  • Provided education and testing to pregnant women visiting our Immunization Clinic.  Provided staff prenatal risk assessment to interview pregnant mothers and give educational handouts.  Established a referral process for women with elevated lead levels.
  • Coordinated meeting with WIC staff to give education and provide testing.
  • Reached out to Black Mothers' Breastfeeding Association as a possible resource for our pregnant mothers
  • Developed new process to track number of pregnant women that receive education at Sister Friends and Safe Sleep meetings.
  • Attending Provider Training "One Key Question" this training is focused on understanding women intentions and follow up care.
  • Total number of pregnant women tested to date: 48


July 2018

Partnership engagement

  • We held partnership meetings to identify and plan events where we can test pregnant women:
    • Safe Sleep
    • WIC
    • NFP
      • Lead testing for pregnant women will occur during the NFP participant graduation.
    • Sister Friends
      • As a result of this partnership, our SisterFriends intake form was modified to now ask pregnant women about their lead testing status when enrolling into the program.
  • DHD also plan to connect with the Institute for Population Health – MIHP program, another CLEEC grant recipient, to expand lead testing to women who participate


Activities - include successes & barriers

  • SisterFriends events change month to month given that is driven by the availability and needs of the participants and community therefore cannot place as a standing calendar item for planning however we will be kept up to date when events are planned.
  • New Lead Advocate to coordinate project start August.
  • Barriers:
    • Lead testing billing form needs to be updated to include pregnant women


  • Laptop purchased



  • 14 pregnant women tested at Safe Sleep event
    • Lab results form needs to be updated; currently only report on testing for children and not pregnant women
  • Lead testing procedure needs to be developed for pregnant women
  • LSHP – hand out application in addition to testing. Hand out applications to all pregnant women being tested, not just elevated lead levels


June 2018

-Currently interviewing candidates to fill the Community Advocate position to begin education and screening in WIC, SisterFriends and NFP.  A candidate will be selected within two weeks

- Met with all partner programs to review internal workplan and discuss outreach strategy

-Included project as a standing agenda item on DHD Lead Testing Strategy monthly meeting agenda