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Communications Toolkit

We want to make sure you have access to important communication resources as you work to educate your communities about the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine. This toolkit includes graphics, videos and handouts that are ready to share with your networks in newsletters and on social media. New content will be added frequently.



Within this folder, there are two very important infographics. One explains how MrNA works. The other talks about how a new vaccine is developed, approved and manufactured. These are translated in Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. Print, include in a presentation or email as an attachment.

Fact cards

This folder will be continuously updated with quick facts on the COVID vaccine. It's an easier way for people to get their questions answered without looking through a full FAQ. These are sized to fit in a Facebook post but they can also be printed or put into a presentation. Each fact card will be translated in Spanish, Arabic and Chinese. More translations coming soon!

Testimonial videos

These are short videos are under one minute in length. In these videos, health care professionals talk about their experience after they received the second vaccine.

Social media assets

This folder is continuously updated as we develop new content for social media. Within the folder, you'll find a reference file that shows a short blurb that can be shared when you post on social media. It also shows the corresponding visual with a link to download the visual. All assets are sized and ready for both Facebook and Twitter.

Radio spots

In this folder, there are 6 radio spots including a Spanish and Arabic version. If you have local radio stations in your community that want to help, you can share these with them. In addition, you can provide the radio spots to stores that have in store radio if they are willing to share vaccine information.


You can place these files on your website. Once placed, make sure that when someone clicks on the file, it will link to The website is the best place for members of our community to find the most up-to-date information.

Print or posters

This folder has print ads that can be shared with local publications, printed out as handouts or a poster or included in a presentation. The ads are translated in Arabic, Spanish and Korean.

Virtual call backgrounds

Download these pre-made Zoom backgrounds to use during your virtual calls with colleagues, family and friends.


This Frequently Asked Questions document can be emailed, printed or you can cut pieces of it that are relevant to include in a presentation. These are translated into Arabic, Spanish and Chinese.

Dr. Joneigh Khaldun videos

In these videos, Dr. Joneigh Khaldun shares the importance of vaccination. These are great videos to share through Facebook or Twitter.

Customizable poster and print ads

These are like the print or posters above. However, these can be customized if you would like to add another organization's logo to them.

Social media videos (TV spots)

This folder has all the produced TV spots. They are ready to be shared on social media through Facebook or Twitter.

Letters to the Editor

Within this folder, there is a document that includes already written letters to the editor. You can email these to your local publications.

Talking Points

There are three documents within this folder including talking points geared toward the business community, minority populations and general talking points. These can be used in preparing presentations, articles, emails or any other communications if you wish to create your own.

Native Articles

There are four longer format articles within this folder. You can send these to local publications to ask them to print or share on their website.

Translated materials in Spanish, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Korean, Burmese, ASL, French, Bangla, Swahili, Farsi, Haitain Creole and Kinyarwanda