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MiTEAM Modules

MiTEAM Modules are an important component of familiarizing staff with the MiTEAM Practice Model. These modules were originally located on the Virtual Learning Site (“VLS”). With website upgrades, these modules have been moved to this new location. Content of the modules is the same as before with very minor edits to the quizzes.

If you have access to Learning Management System (LMS), these modules can be accessed from there as well by searching “Enhanced MiTEAM”

Training Requirements for completing the MiTEAM Modules can be found in CI 17-176 or in your agency’s contract requirements. Please contact your analyst for any questions.

Overview Module – Part 1: Purpose of the Site:

Overview Module – Part 2: Overview of the MiTEAM Practice Model:

Overview Module – Part 3: What is CQI:

Overview Module – Part 4: Monitoring Fidelity:

Module 1 – Trauma:

Module 2 – Engagement:

Module 3 – Teaming:

Module 4 – Assessment:

Module 5 – Case Planning:

Module 6 – Case Plan Implementation:

Module 7 – Placement Planning:

Module 8 – Mentoring: