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Eligible Cash Purchases

With their cash benefits, clients may purchase both food and/or non-food items in your store. The store owner may choose to accept the Bridge Card for the amount of the cash purchase, or may choose to offer cash back with or without a purchase. Each of these is discussed below. Within each option, it is important to note that the same overall store policy for cash services must be applied equally to Bridge Card holders and commercial debit and credit card holders with the following exceptions.

Bridge cards must not be used to purchase lottery tickets, alcohol, or tobacco, or for gambling, or illegal activities. Cash assistance grants cannot be used for massage parlors, spas, tattoo shops, bail-bond agencies, adult entertainment, or cruise ships.

Cash purchase for the amount of the purchase: This is the most basic of the options available to the retailer, and permits the client to use the card at the retail location only to purchase goods or services.

Cash back with purchase: This service requires no additional transaction on the part of the retailer, and the retailer may determine the amount of cash back to be offered. This amount must be no less than that offered to other clients who do not use Bridge Cards. We encourage retailers to consider offering this option, as both a service to the community and as a competitive advantage over stores who do not offer cash back.

Cash back without a purchase: With this option, clients are not required to make a purchase, but may present their card to obtain cash. The amount of the cash made available is determined by the retailer, but must be no less than that offered to other clients.