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Manual Vouchers Only

New SNAP retailers cannot use manual vouchers to redeem SNAP benefits.
Except in disasters or in the event of an EBT system failure, manual vouchers will no longer be allowed as a way to accept SNAP benefits. Retailers that become SNAP-authorized after March 21, 2014, can no longer use manual vouchers for ongoing SNAP business. Instead, all new SNAP retailers must redeem benefits electronically through a commercial point-of-sale device, which they must obtain and pay for themselves as discussed above. Retailers authorized before March 21, 2014, and who are already using manual vouchers for ongoing business may continue to do so until further notice.

EXCEPTIONS: Eligible farmers’ markets, direct-marketing farmers, military commissaries, non-profit cooperatives or organizations, group living arrangements, treatment centers, and prepared meal services may use manual vouchers until further notice.

They must complete the manual voucher for Food Benefits ONLY. These vouchers must be submitted within 15 days for reimbursement. These stores must be a certified USDA merchant. Cash benefits may not be redeemed by manual voucher under any circumstances.