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MI Bridges Levels of Engagement

MI Bridges is an unprecedented public-private partnership that aims to connect greater numbers of individuals and families in Michigan to a range state and local resources, as well as MDHHS benefit programs, to promote household stability. Since 2018, MI Bridges has undergone a number of changes to better serve our shared customers.  The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) has partnered with clients and community partners to enhance the features available through MI Bridges including new community partner functionality. Clients can now use MI Bridges not only to apply for benefits and manage their case, but also to locate resources in their community to support a wide range of needs including Food, Housing & Shelter, Utilities, Health, Income & Employment, Transportation, Child Care, and Education. Community partners can receive client referrals sent through MI Bridges, and have access to a directory of clients they have assisted.

MDHHS is seeking community partners to help spread the word about MI Bridges, support access to the system, and connect with clients and to provide individual assistance in using MI Bridges. Many community organizations already assist clients in leveraging resources to assist them on their path to self-sufficiency. Join MDHHS in helping more individuals receive the assistance they need to achieve greater stability!

With MI Bridges, community partners can choose to engage with MDHHS and customers in several ways. Organizations can register for one or more of the following levels of engagement:

  • Access Partner: An Access Partner is an organization that agrees to promote MI Bridges by displaying promotional materials and providing a computer(s), tablet(s) or mobile device(s) for individuals to use MI Bridges. The computer(s) does not have to be exclusively for MI Bridges use. As a MI Bridges Access Partner, an agency will offer individuals without access to a computer, tablet, mobile device, or the internet a way to use MI Bridges. Examples of agencies that may consider serving as MI Bridges Access Partners include libraries, community centers, or schools.
  • Referral Partner: A Referral Partner is an organization that agrees to receive referrals sent from customers using MI Bridges. Clients can identify their needs using the ‘Help Me Find Resources’ feature and local organizations will be listed as recommended resources if they can help meet one or more needs. When a client would like to use a resource offered by a Referral Partner, the partner organization receives an electronic referral on their MI Bridges dashboard and can contact the client to provide services.
  • Navigation Partner: A Navigation Partner is an agency that agrees to promote MI Bridges by displaying promotional materials and providing one-on-one assistance to MI Bridges users. The assistance provided may vary from simply answering user questions to helping them complete a needs survey, finding local resources, or applying online for a MDHHS benefit program. Navigation assistance typically includes supporting users with multiple MI Bridges features and teaching individuals to use the MI Bridges system so they are empowered to use MI Bridges on their own over time.