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Virtual Nursing Resources

Virtual Nursing Clinical Education

Immersion Into Health Literacy: Common Mistakes and Correct Practices: The 360-degree Difference (

Resources and Evidence Based Practices for Using Virtual Simulation in Nursing Education

Immersive Community, Culture, & Care Experiences for Undergraduate Nursing Students: The 360-degree Difference (

XR Innovation for Healthcare Videos: Caring for Patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing

Caring for Military Veterans

Through the Eyes of...Facilitator Guide

  • The 360-videos depict how various underserved populations perceive encounters with the healthcare team such that learners will be able to see how interactions can be perceived differently by diverse populations.


Virtual Nursing Clinical Skills Assessment and Remediation

Academic Practice Partnerships: 360-degree Video for Nursing Skills Assessment and Remediation

  • Available adventures include cardiac arrest, de-escalation (crisis intervention), and immunization delivery.