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Report Medicaid Fraud and Abuse

Office of Inspector General

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Online Complaint Form

If you suspect that someone is, or has committed any form of Medicaid fraud or abuse and would like to file a complaint, please fill out the form below. When completing the form, fill out as much information as possible, including name and contact information for follow up. Contact information is not mandatory so you may remain anonymous if you choose. If you have any further questions/concerns, please call toll free 1-855-MI-FRAUD.

  • You may be contacted regarding this complaint.
  • Be sure to clear the internet browser cache so others using the workstation won't see that you visited this site.
  • More information about Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Reporting

All fields are required unless labeled as optional.

If you suspect a provider, please provide the following information if known.

If you suspect a beneficiary, please provide the following information if known.

Brief Description of the Suspected Fraud/Abuse