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Medicaid Policy Bulletins - 2002

NOTE: This page contains Medicaid Policy Bulletins issued in calendar year 2002.

For other years of approved Medicaid Policy Bulletins, click here. 

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Issue Date  Bulletin Number  Subject 
December 20, 2002  School Based Services 03-01  Elimination of Enhanced Federal Matching Rate of 75% for Activities Performed by Skilled Professional Medical Personnel (SPMP) 
December 16, 2002  Nursing Facilities 02-05  Quality Assurance Adjustment 
December 1, 2002  Hospital 02-11  Changes to GME Policy 
December 1, 2002  MSA 02-12  Policy and Reimbursement Changes for Emergency Room Professional Services 
November 19, 2002  Pharmacy 02-02  Changes in Contact Information; Reporting Prescriber DEA Number 
November 1, 2002  All Provider 02-06  Maternity Outpatient Medical Services (MOMS) Changes to Eligibility Verification, Claims Submission Procedure and Guarantee of Payment Letter 
September 30, 2002  Nursing Facilities 02-04  Uniform Billing:  Nursing Facilities Bulletin 02-02 
September 15, 2002  All Provider 02-04  Policy Clarification:  Medicaid Payment Liability; Beneficiary Payment Liability 
September 1, 2002  Rural Health Clinics 02-04  Rural Health Clinic Manual Revision 
September 2002  All Provider 02-05  Sanctioned Providers (Monthly Update) 
August 27, 2002  Hospital 02-10  Special Indigent Funds DSH Pool 
August 1, 2002  MSA 02-10  Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) Policy 
August 1, 2002  Hospital 02-09  Executive Order No. 2001-9 Hospital Reduction for FY'02 
July 15, 2002  Nursing Facilities 02-03  Quality Assurance Adjustment 
July 1, 2002  Nursing Facilities 02-02  Uniform Billing; Revised Chapter IV; Billing Codes Appendix 
June 15, 2002  Hospital 02-08  FY'02 Outpatient Hospital Adjustor Pool 
June 15, 2002  Hospital 02-07  Special DSH Pool for Cancer Research and Treatment 
May 2002  All Provider 02-03  Sanctioned Providers (Total List) 
April 15, 2002  FPC 02-04  Family Planning Clinics Revised Chapter III for Uniform Billing 
April 1, 2002  MSA 02-08  Chapter IV HCFA 1500/837 Billing and Reimbursement 
March 1, 2002  Medicaid Health Plans 02-03  Annual HEDIS® Reporting Requirements for Medicaid Health Plans 
March 1, 2002  Hospice 02-03  Hospice Uniform Billing 
March 1, 2002  All Provider 02-02  Sanctioned Providers (Monthly Update) 
March 1, 2002  MSA 02-07  Rebases Medical/Surgical Hospitals Reimbursed by DRGs; Updates DRG Grouper to Version 19; Implements Area Wage Adjustor; Rebases Rehabilitation Hospitals and Distinct-Part Rehabilitation United Reimbursed by Per Diems; Modifies Schedule for ReCalibration of Hospital Prices and Ratios; Information Regarding Executive Order 2001-9 Reductions for FY '02; Addresses Medicaid HMO Payments to Hospitals; Aliminates References to Calculation of Per Diems for Distinct Part Psychiatric Units and Psychiatric Hospitals 
February 1, 2002  MSA 02-06  Laboratory Chapter III, Coverage and Limitations 
January 31, 2002  CMHSP 02-03  Conversion to HCFA 1500 Paper/Electronic Claim Formats for Professional Claims Submitted by Community Mental Health Services Programs to the DCH for Beneficiaries Enrolled Under the Children's Waiver Program 
January 29, 2002  FQHC 02-03  Federally Qualified Health Center and Indian Health Center Uniform Billing 
January 29, 2002  RHC 02-02  Rural Health Clinic Services (RHC) Uniform Billing 
January 14, 2002  FQHC 02-02  Tribal Health Center Appendix 
January 8, 2002  MSA 02-05  Pharmacy Prior Authorization and Requirements 
January 2, 2002  MSA 02-01  Ambulance Chapter III, Corrections to Billing Instructions 
January 2, 2002  MSA 02-04  Therapies if Hearing and Speech Center, Home and Outpatient Hospital Settings - Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech-Language Pathology - and Clarifications 
January 1, 2002  AP 02-01  Sanctioned Providers Monthly Update 
January 1, 2002  Hospice 02-01  Uniform Billing Revised Chapter IV 
January 1, 2002  MIChild Eligibility 02-01  Update of Federal Poverty Level Chart 
January 1, 2002  MSA 02-02  Uniform Billing for Hearing & Speech Centers and Hearing Aid Dealers 
January 1, 2002  MSA 02-03  Elimination of Hourly Nursing Home Care as a Home Health Agency Benefit; Elimination of Hourly Nursing Home Care as a CMHSP Benefit; Medicaid Coverage of Private Duty Nursing