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Introducing the mihealth card

The mihealth  ("my health") card beneficiaries. Michigan Medicaid, Emergency Medicaid, and Children's Special Health Care Services (CSHCS) is a permanent plastic health ID card that's issued to

The mihealth card indicates the beneficiary name and beneficiary ID number (white or black font) on the front of the card but does not indicate eligibility information and does not guarantee eligibility. Providers must obtain a beneficiary's eligibility information using the CHAMPS Eligibility Inquiry prior to rendering services.

If the beneficiary does not have their mihealth card, providers can access their eligibility information with the following search methods:

1. Beneficiary ID number (8-digit Medicaid, or CSHCS ID number),

2. Beneficiary social security number and date of birth, or

3. Beneficiary name and SSN (or date of birth).

mihealth card Facts:

  • The mihealth card is mailed to MedicaidHealthy Michigan PlanCSHCSMOMS, and MIChild program beneficiaries when their application is approved (only if they do not have a mihealth card already).
  • The mihealth card indicates the beneficiary name and  beneficiary ID number on the front of the card.
  • Beneficiaries enrolled in a Medicaid Health Plan will receive a mihealth card and will also receive a Health Plan ID card (if they do not have one already).  
  • Each beneficiary will receive their own mihealth card with their name and ID number (8-digit Medicaid, or CSHCS ID number) located on the front of the mihealth card.
  • Beneficiaries will keep the mihealth card and use it each month that they are eligible for Medicaid, or CSHCS.
  • Deductible beneficiairies will receive a mihealth card only when they meet their deductible and become eligible for Medicaid. They will continue to use the same mihealth card for any future months they become eligible for Medicaid.  


Important Information:      

  • .does not guarantee eligibility and eligibility information indicate does not The mihealth card 
  • .Providers should always verify eligibility by using the CHAMPS Eligibility Inquiry
  • Providers must always note the Benefit Plan ID indicated on the eligibility response.  
  • Document or retain the eligibility verification response.  This is your evidence of eligibility.

Verifying Eligibility

The following options are available for enrolled MI Medicaid Providers to verify eligibility for the MedicaidHealthy Michigan PlanCSHCSMOMS, and MIChild programs:


 CHAMPS - Eligibility Inquiry: 

  • Online Eligibility Inquiry is now available for Providers.  
  • To access the CHAMPS system you must log onto 
  • Instructions on how to obtain a user ID/password and to subscribe to CHAMPS: MILogin Instructions   
  • Go to the 'Provider Portal', then 'Member' section, then click on the 'Eligibility Inquiry' hyperlink. 
  • See Policy Bulletin MSA 09-30 and MSA 09-46 for more information. 


  • web-DENIS is BCBSM's secure browser-based internet site for eligibility verification. 
  • Eligibility information for Medicaid, Healthy Michigan Plan, CSHCS, MOMS, and MIChild is available including Pending Eligibility.
  • Providers can also print the eligibility response to use for documentation of coverage.  
  • ANSI, ASC X12N 270/271 transaction is also available. Contact BCBSM at 1- 800-542-0945 and/or visit their Electronic Data Interchange website
  • Available to MI Medicaid Providers free of charge.  



Beneficiary Eligibility Policy

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