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Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS)


The Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) is the MDHHS web-based, rules-driven, real-time adjudication Medicaid Management System. CHAMPS is comprised of the following subsystems: Provider Enrollment, Eligibility and Enrollment, Prior Authorization, Claims and Encounters, and Contracts Management.

This web-based system allows for the following functions to be completed online: provider enrollment, provider updates, claims status, direct claim entry, batch claim submission, claim adjustments/voids, payment status, prior authorization, eligibility verification, member search, and ordering/referring provider verification.

CHAMPS Overview

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CHAMPS Functions or Tabs

Additional Features

Resources to help use and understand the additional features in CHAMPS.

External Links

Document Management Portal (DMP), Facility Settlement, Medicaid Code and Rate Reference, Predictive Modeling

My Inbox

Resources on how to view system alerts, change selected domain and profile, and more.


Resources for Domain Administrators.

Provider Enrollment

Resources on how to enroll or modify existing enrollment.

Claims and Encounters

Resources on how to submit, adjust, void, or find a claim.

Eligibility and Enrollment (Member)

Resources on how to verify eligibility for a member via the web-based screens or by submitting a 270-electronic request.

Prior Authorization

Resources on how to view or submit PA requests.