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Regional Trauma Networks

The regional trauma system structure is described in the amended Administrative Rules by authority conferred on the Department of Community Health by Michigan Compiled Laws (MCL) 333.9227 and 333.20910 of 1978 Public Act 368; 2004 Public Act 580, 581, and 582.

A Regional Trauma Network (RTN) is an organized group of local Medical Control Authorities (MCA). MCA's are hospitals who operate 24/7 per statute, which integrate into existing preparedness regions. RTN's are responsible for appointing a Regional Trauma Advisory Council (RTAC), a Regional Professional Standards Review Organization (RPSRO), and creating a regional trauma plan.

The Regional Trauma Advisory Committee is a committee established by the RTN and is comprised of MCA personnel, EMS personnel, life support agency representatives, healthcare facilities representatives, physicians, nurses, and consumers. The functions of the RTAC are to provide leadership and direction on matters related to trauma system development in their region, including, but not limited to, the review of trauma deaths and preventable complications.

The RPSRO is a committee established by the RTN for the purpose of improving the quality of trauma care within a recognized trauma region.

State of Michigan Regional Map