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Trauma Registry

Participation in the statewide trauma registry is an essential component of a regionalized, accountable, and coordinated trauma system. Designation as a trauma facility in Michigan requires that hospitals participate in the MI trauma registry. ImageTrend®, Inc. provides the data collection software which hosts the Registry.

MI Trauma Registry (ImageTrend®):

Data Collection Responsibilities:

The following documents outline the roles and responsibilities related to data collection:

Using the MI Trauma Registry:

Trauma facilities may use the ImageTrend® software at no cost to directly enter trauma data into the Registry or import data from another software. The National Trauma Data Standard (NTDS) elements are the minimum data set required to be entered into the Registry. Data may be added to the Registry at any time but is due quarterly.

A username and password is required in order to access the MI Trauma Registry. These can be obtained by contacting the MI Trauma Registrar ( or an existing user at your facility with Facility Administrator privileges (see the Facility Administrator Guide below for account creation instructions). All users are required to adhere to the practices outlined in the Data Use and Non-Disclosure and User Agreements.

MI Trauma Registry Training and Resources:

Below is a list of additional resources available for training, troubleshooting, and other topics related to the MI Trauma Registry. For troubleshooting and all other inquiries, please contact

Software Guides:




Michgan Hospital Hub:

Prehospital data can be accessed via Hospital Hub.  This is a web-based application, supported by BETP that allows facilities direct access to EMS run forms. Hospital Hub allows hospitals to view and download a PDF version of the EMS run form directly into the electronic health record for patients that arrive at the hospital's doors. Hospital Hub creates a more complete picture of the procedures, medications administered, vital signs, etc. recorded up to the point where the care of the patient is transferred to a staff member at their facility. The State of Michigan provides Hospital Hub free of charge.  To access Hospital Hub, complete the Data Use Agreement and submit as directed.