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What is the difference between identifying and nonidentifying information?

Identifying information is defined as:
  • Name of each biological parent at the time of termination of parental rights
  • Most recent name and address of each biological parent
  • Names of biological siblings at the time of termination.

Nonidentifying information is defined as:

  • Date, time and place of birth of the adopted person including the hospital, city, county and state.
  • An account of the health, psychological and genetic history of the child, including an account of the child's prenatal care; mental condition at birth; any drug or medication taken by the child's mother during pregnancy; and subsequent medical, psychological, psychiatric, or dental examination and diagnosis; any psychological evaluation done when the child was under the jurisdiction of the court; any neglect or physical, sexual or emotional abuse suffered by the child; and a record of any immunizations and health care the child received while in foster care.
  • An account of the health, psychological, and genetic history of the biological parents and other members of the child's family including any known hereditary condition or disease; the health of each parent at the child's birth, a summary of the findings of any medical, psychological, or psychiatric evaluation of each parent at the time of placement; and, if a parent is deceased, the cause of and the age at death.
  • Description of the adoptee and the adoptee's birth family including:
    • given first name of the adoptee at birth
    • age and sex of siblings of adoptee
    • adoptee's enrollment and performance in school, educational testing results and special education needs
    • adoptee's racial, ethnic and religious background and a general description of birth parents including age
    • account of adoptee's past and existing relationship with any relative, foster parent or other individual or facility with whom the adoptee had lived or visited on a regular basis. The account shall not include names and address of individuals.
    • educational, occupational, professional, athletic or artistic achievement of the birth family
    • circumstances of any court order terminating parental rights of birth parents
    • length of time between termination of parental rights and child's placement
    • status of termination, voluntary, or court ordered
    • any information necessary to determine the child's eligibility for state or federal benefits including financial, medical or other assistance.
  • Any agency or court may supplement this information with appropriate additional nonidentifying information.