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How can a constituent who is in noncooperation with the Office of Child Support be returned to cooperation status?

Applicants for public assistance agree to participate in establishing paternity and court-ordered child support when they apply for public assistance for any child who has a parent or parents who are not residing in the same home and/or paternity has not been legally established (DHS-1171, Assistance Application, page 10).

When an individual does not participate with the Office of Child Support or the Prosecuting Attorney Office by failing to provide information, not attending interviews, etc., then that individual becomes noncooperative. Sanctions for noncooperation include loss of benefits for the individual who is not cooperating and loss of eligibility for the entire group for cash assistance, daycare, and State Emergency Relief (SER).

Explanations of programs, application processing and procedure, and general questions can be directed to the MDHHS Specialized Action Center.

To become cooperative, the individual must provide information requested or participate as assigned by the Office of Child Support or the Prosecuting Attorney Office.

(There are exceptions to the pursuit of child support if the child or family would be harmed by such action. Specific verifications and circumstances are required for this exception.)

Customers can speak with their Child Support Specialist by calling 866-540-0008. Prosecuting Attorney telephone numbers for each county are available at or by consulting local telephone directories.