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I am an American Indian/Alaska Native in foster care; are there services available to assist me?

The Office of Native American Affairs (NAA) has produced a toolkit consisting of four topic areas NAA, Law, Tribes, and MDHHS Services for AI/AN youth in care which may be accessed by contacting the NAA Director at

Casey Family Programs has developed tools for American Indian/Alaska Native foster youth and may be contacted at

The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) has excellent resources and hosts an Annual Indian Child Welfare Conference that may of interest to you (See

MDHHS Indian Outreach Services (IOS) may be available in your county to assist you with accessing services/programs (See IOW/IOS on NAA website

As a resident of Michigan, you are eligible for any service available for youth in the child welfare system. Please contact your caseworker or Director of Native American Affairs at for more information on service linkages specific to your interests and/or need.