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I have heard about Indian payments received monthly for being Indian, how can I apply for these monies?

The State of Michigan does not provide cash payments to individuals because they are American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN). Residents of Michigan, receiving assistance from the department obtain services such as food assistance, utility assistance, weatherization, or housing based upon federal eligibility criteria which are income-based; all persons may apply for assistance regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religious or political affiliation.

Tribal governments operating casino gaming may provide a per capita payment (shareholder dividend) from the revenues of casino gaming enterprises to tribal citizens based upon their tribal constitution and bylaws. These per capita payments are regulated and distributed by tribes that have established laws indicating they will provide monies directly to tribal citizens; not all tribes have casino gaming enterprises or distribute per capita payments to citizens. A person’s tribe should be contacted to determine if they are eligible for per capita payments.