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What if I do not know what tribe my family is from?

Many families have been disenfranchised from their tribal roots due to previous U.S. laws and policy throughout history or through adoption.

If you were adopted after 1978, the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978 25 USC 1901 et. seq. and Michigan Indian Family Preservation Act (MCL 712B 1-41) have provisions to assist adopted Indian persons that have reached the age of 18 or Indian custodians to obtain adoption records from the county court the adoption took place in and/or from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

If your family lore has lead you to believe that you have Indian ancestry, you should start with contacting the tribes in the state of your origin or your family’s origin to determine if you are eligible for enrollment within any of those tribes respectively (See "How can I find out if I am American Indian/Alaska Native?").