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10. How will the non-surrendering parent know about the birth and the surrender of the baby?

Statute requires that a reasonable attempt to identify the non-surrendering parent be made. If the name and address of that parent is unknown, the child placing agency must provide notice by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county where the newborn was surrendered. While there is no specific language developed, the following is an example of a notification relating to a surrendered newborn:

State of Michigan,
(Name of court) Circuit Court, Family Division
Publication of Notice
Safe Delivery of Newborns (MCL 712.1)

To: Birth Father and Birth Mother of Minor Child In the Matter of: Newborn Baby, Born and surrendered on (list date, time, surrender location (e.g. hospital, police station, fire department), city & state), By surrendering your newborn, you are releasing your newborn to a child placing agency to be placed for adoption. You have until (list date – 28 days from the surrender of the child) to petition the court to regain custody of your child. After the 28 days there will be a hearing to terminate your parental rights. There will be a public notice of this hearing; however, the notice will not contain your names. You will not receive personal notice of the hearing. You, as the parent(s), can call (list agency with phone number and, if required, the court’s information) for further information.