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15. Should the initial clinical assessment of the newborn, at the hospital, include a complete physical examination?

Probate Code 1939 PA 288 of 1939, MCL 712.5.2 states, A hospital that takes a newborn into temporary protective custody under this chapter shall have the newborn examined by a physician. If a physician who examines the newborn either determines that there is reason to suspect the newborn has experienced child abuse or child neglect, other than being surrendered to an emergency service provider under section 3 of this chapter, or comes to a reasonable belief that the child is not a newborn, the physician shall immediately report to the department as required by section 3 of the child protection law, 1975 PA 238, MCL 722.623.

Results of the complete clinical examination should be documented, included the estimated age of the newborn, results of the physical examination, and recommended care plan.