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23. What are the responsibilities of a child placing agency that has taken a newborn under this law?

Child Placing Agency Responsibilities:

Immediately assume the care, control and temporary protective custody of newborn.

  • If parent(s) is known and willing, immediately meet with the parent(s).
  • Unless otherwise provided in MCL 712.7, make a temporary placement of the newborn with a prospective adoptive parent who has an approved preplacement assessment.
  • Unless the birth was witnessed by an ESP, immediately request assistance from law enforcement officials to investigate and determine whether the newborn is a missing child through Michigan's Missing Children's Information Clearinghouse as well as the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • Within 48 hours after transferring physical custody to a prospective adoptive parent(s), petition the court for authority to place and provide care for the newborn.
  • Within 28 days make reasonable effort to identify and locate the non-surrendering parent. If that parent's identity and address are unknown, the child placing agency must provide notice of the surrender by publication.